package list

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Exported Type Names

type Element (struct) Element is an element of a linked list. Value interface{} (*T) Next() *Element (*T) Prev() *Element func (*Element).Next() *Element func (*Element).Prev() *Element func (*List).Back() *Element func (*List).Front() *Element func (*List).InsertAfter(v interface{}, mark *Element) *Element func (*List).InsertBefore(v interface{}, mark *Element) *Element func (*List).PushBack(v interface{}) *Element func (*List).PushFront(v interface{}) *Element func (*List).InsertAfter(v interface{}, mark *Element) *Element func (*List).InsertBefore(v interface{}, mark *Element) *Element func (*List).MoveAfter(e, mark *Element) func (*List).MoveBefore(e, mark *Element) func (*List).MoveToBack(e *Element) func (*List).MoveToFront(e *Element) func (*List).Remove(e *Element) interface{}
type List (struct) List represents a doubly linked list. The zero value for List is an empty list ready to use. (*T) Back() *Element (*T) Front() *Element (*T) Init() *List (*T) InsertAfter(v interface{}, mark *Element) *Element (*T) InsertBefore(v interface{}, mark *Element) *Element (*T) Len() int (*T) MoveAfter(e, mark *Element) (*T) MoveBefore(e, mark *Element) (*T) MoveToBack(e *Element) (*T) MoveToFront(e *Element) (*T) PushBack(v interface{}) *Element (*T) PushBackList(other *List) (*T) PushFront(v interface{}) *Element (*T) PushFrontList(other *List) (*T) Remove(e *Element) interface{} func New() *List func (*List).Init() *List func (*List).PushBackList(other *List) func (*List).PushFrontList(other *List)
Exported Values
func New() *List New returns an initialized list.