package fiat

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	crypto/elliptic/internal/fiat (on and

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Involved Source Files Package fiat implements prime order fields using formally verified algorithms from the Fiat Cryptography project. p521_fiat64.go
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P521Element is an integer modulo 2^521 - 1. The zero value is a valid zero element. Add sets e = t1 + t2, and returns e. Bytes returns the 66-byte little-endian encoding of e. Equal returns 1 if e == t, and zero otherwise. Invert sets e = 1/t, and returns e. If t == 0, Invert returns e = 0. IsZero returns 1 if e == 0, and zero otherwise. Mul sets e = t1 * t2, and returns e. One sets e = 1, and returns e. Select sets e to a if cond == 1, and to b if cond == 0. Set sets e = t, and returns e. SetBytes sets e = v, where v is a little-endian 66-byte encoding, and returns e. If v is not 66 bytes or it encodes a value higher than 2^521 - 1, SetBytes returns nil and an error, and e is unchanged. Square sets e = t * t, and returns e. Sub sets e = t1 - t2, and returns e. func (*P521Element).Add(t1, t2 *P521Element) *P521Element func (*P521Element).Invert(t *P521Element) *P521Element func (*P521Element).Mul(t1, t2 *P521Element) *P521Element func (*P521Element).One() *P521Element func (*P521Element).Select(a, b *P521Element, cond int) *P521Element func (*P521Element).Set(t *P521Element) *P521Element func (*P521Element).SetBytes(v []byte) (*P521Element, error) func (*P521Element).Square(t *P521Element) *P521Element func (*P521Element).Sub(t1, t2 *P521Element) *P521Element func (*P521Element).Add(t1, t2 *P521Element) *P521Element func (*P521Element).Equal(t *P521Element) int func (*P521Element).Invert(t *P521Element) *P521Element func (*P521Element).Mul(t1, t2 *P521Element) *P521Element func (*P521Element).Select(a, b *P521Element, cond int) *P521Element func (*P521Element).Set(t *P521Element) *P521Element func (*P521Element).Square(t *P521Element) *P521Element func (*P521Element).Sub(t1, t2 *P521Element) *P521Element