package plan9obj

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	debug/plan9obj (on and

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	imports 5 packages, and imported by 0 packages

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	d-> file.go

Exported Type Names

type File (struct) A File represents an open Plan 9 a.out file. FileHeader FileHeader FileHeader.Bss uint32 FileHeader.Entry uint64 FileHeader.HdrSize uint64 FileHeader.LoadAddress uint64 FileHeader.Magic uint32 FileHeader.PtrSize int Sections []*Section (*T) Close() error (*T) Section(name string) *Section (*T) Symbols() ([]Sym, error) *T : io.Closer func NewFile(r io.ReaderAt) (*File, error) func Open(name string) (*File, error)
type FileHeader (struct) A FileHeader represents a Plan 9 a.out file header. Bss uint32 Entry uint64 HdrSize uint64 LoadAddress uint64 Magic uint32 PtrSize int
type Section (struct) A Section represents a single section in a Plan 9 a.out file. ReaderAt io.ReaderAt SectionHeader SectionHeader SectionHeader.Name string SectionHeader.Offset uint32 SectionHeader.Size uint32 (*T) Data() ([]byte, error) (*T) Open() io.ReadSeeker (T) ReadAt(p []byte, off int64) (n int, err error) T : io.ReaderAt func (*File).Section(name string) *Section
type SectionHeader (struct) A SectionHeader represents a single Plan 9 a.out section header. This structure doesn't exist on-disk, but eases navigation through the object file. Name string Offset uint32 Size uint32
type Sym (struct) A Symbol represents an entry in a Plan 9 a.out symbol table section. Name string Type rune Value uint64 func (*File).Symbols() ([]Sym, error)
Exported Values
const Magic386 = 491
const Magic64 = 32768 // 64-bit expanded header
const MagicAMD64 = 35479
const MagicARM = 1607
func NewFile(r io.ReaderAt) (*File, error) NewFile creates a new File for accessing a Plan 9 binary in an underlying reader. The Plan 9 binary is expected to start at position 0 in the ReaderAt.
func Open(name string) (*File, error) Open opens the named file using os.Open and prepares it for use as a Plan 9 a.out binary.