package scanner

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type Error (struct) In an ErrorList, an error is represented by an *Error. The position Pos, if valid, points to the beginning of the offending token, and the error condition is described by Msg. Msg string Pos token.Position (T) Error() string T : error
type ErrorHandler (func) An ErrorHandler may be provided to Scanner.Init. If a syntax error is encountered and a handler was installed, the handler is called with a position and an error message. The position points to the beginning of the offending token. func (*Scanner).Init(file *token.File, src []byte, err ErrorHandler, mode Mode)
type ErrorList ([]) ErrorList is a list of *Errors. The zero value for an ErrorList is an empty ErrorList ready to use. (*T) Add(pos token.Position, msg string) (T) Err() error (T) Error() string (T) Len() int (T) Less(i, j int) bool (*T) RemoveMultiples() (*T) Reset() (T) Sort() (T) Swap(i, j int) T : error T : sort.Interface
type Mode uint A mode value is a set of flags (or 0). They control scanner behavior. func (*Scanner).Init(file *token.File, src []byte, err ErrorHandler, mode Mode) const ScanComments
type Scanner (struct) A Scanner holds the scanner's internal state while processing a given text. It can be allocated as part of another data structure but must be initialized via Init before use. ErrorCount int (*T) Init(file *token.File, src []byte, err ErrorHandler, mode Mode) (*T) Scan() (pos token.Pos, tok token.Token, lit string)
Exported Values
func PrintError(w io.Writer, err error) PrintError is a utility function that prints a list of errors to w, one error per line, if the err parameter is an ErrorList. Otherwise it prints the err string.
const ScanComments Mode = 1 // return comments as COMMENT tokens