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Reader is a helper for reading a string table previously serialized by a Writer.Write call. Entries returns the number of decoded entries in a string table. Get returns string 'idx' within the string table. Read reads/decodes a string table using the reader provided. func NewReader(r *slicereader.Reader) *Reader
Writer implements a string table writing utility. Freeze sends a signal to the writer that no more additions are allowed, only lookups of existing strings (if a lookup triggers addition, a panic will result). Useful as a mechanism for "finalizing" a string table prior to writing it out. InitWriter initializes a stringtab.Writer. Lookup looks up string 's' in the writer's table, adding a new entry if need be, and returning an index into the table. Nentries returns the number of strings interned so far. Size computes the memory in bytes needed for the serialized version of a stringtab.Writer. Write writes the string table in serialized form to the specified io.Writer.
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NewReader creates a stringtab.Reader to read the contents of a string table from 'r'.