package nettrace

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	internal/nettrace (on and

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	d-> nettrace.go

Exported Type Names

type LookupIPAltResolverKey (struct) LookupIPAltResolverKey is a context.Context Value key used by tests to specify an alternate resolver func. It is not exposed to outsider users. (But see issue 12503) The value should be the same type as lookupIP: func lookupIP(ctx context.Context, host string) ([]IPAddr, error)
type Trace (struct) Trace contains a set of hooks for tracing events within the net package. Any specific hook may be nil. ConnectDone func(network, addr string, err error) ConnectStart func(network, addr string) DNSDone func(netIPs []interface{}, coalesced bool, err error) DNSStart func(name string)
type TraceKey (struct) TraceKey is a context.Context Value key. Its associated value should be a *Trace struct.