package unix

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	internal/syscall/unix (on and

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type GetRandomFlag uintptr GetRandomFlag is a flag supported by the getrandom system call. func GetRandom(p []byte, flags GetRandomFlag) (n int, err error) const GRND_NONBLOCK const GRND_RANDOM
Exported Values
const AT_REMOVEDIR = 512
func CopyFileRange(rfd int, roff *int64, wfd int, woff *int64, len int, flags int) (n int, err error)
var FcntlSyscall uintptr FcntlSyscall is the number for the fcntl system call. This is usually SYS_FCNTL, but can be overridden to SYS_FCNTL64.
func Fstatat(dirfd int, path string, stat *syscall.Stat_t, flags int) error
func GetRandom(p []byte, flags GetRandomFlag) (n int, err error) GetRandom calls the Linux getrandom system call. See
const GRND_NONBLOCK GetRandomFlag = 1 GRND_NONBLOCK means return EAGAIN rather than blocking.
const GRND_RANDOM GetRandomFlag = 2 GRND_RANDOM means use the /dev/random pool instead of /dev/urandom.
func IsNonblock(fd int) (nonblocking bool, err error)
func Openat(dirfd int, path string, flags int, perm uint32) (int, error)
func Unlinkat(dirfd int, path string, flags int) error