package httptrace

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	net/http/httptrace (on and

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	d-> trace.go

Exported Type Names

type ClientTrace (struct) ClientTrace is a set of hooks to run at various stages of an outgoing HTTP request. Any particular hook may be nil. Functions may be called concurrently from different goroutines and some may be called after the request has completed or failed. ClientTrace currently traces a single HTTP request & response during a single round trip and has no hooks that span a series of redirected requests. See for more. ConnectDone func(network, addr string, err error) ConnectStart func(network, addr string) DNSDone func(DNSDoneInfo) DNSStart func(DNSStartInfo) GetConn func(hostPort string) Got100Continue func() Got1xxResponse func(code int, header textproto.MIMEHeader) error GotConn func(GotConnInfo) GotFirstResponseByte func() PutIdleConn func(err error) TLSHandshakeDone func(tls.ConnectionState, error) TLSHandshakeStart func() Wait100Continue func() WroteHeaderField func(key string, value []string) WroteHeaders func() WroteRequest func(WroteRequestInfo) func ContextClientTrace(ctx context.Context) *ClientTrace func WithClientTrace(ctx context.Context, trace *ClientTrace) context.Context
type DNSDoneInfo (struct) DNSDoneInfo contains information about the results of a DNS lookup. Addrs []net.IPAddr Coalesced bool Err error
type DNSStartInfo (struct) DNSStartInfo contains information about a DNS request. Host string
type GotConnInfo (struct) GotConnInfo is the argument to the ClientTrace.GotConn function and contains information about the obtained connection. Conn net.Conn IdleTime time.Duration Reused bool WasIdle bool
type WroteRequestInfo (struct) WroteRequestInfo contains information provided to the WroteRequest hook. Err error
Exported Values
func ContextClientTrace(ctx context.Context) *ClientTrace ContextClientTrace returns the ClientTrace associated with the provided context. If none, it returns nil.
func WithClientTrace(ctx context.Context, trace *ClientTrace) context.Context WithClientTrace returns a new context based on the provided parent ctx. HTTP client requests made with the returned context will use the provided trace hooks, in addition to any previous hooks registered with ctx. Any hooks defined in the provided trace will be called first.