package mail

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	net/mail (on and

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	d-> message.go

Exported Type Names

type Address (struct) Address represents a single mail address. An address such as "Barry Gibbs <>" is represented as Address{Name: "Barry Gibbs", Address: ""}. Address string Name string (*T) String() string *T : expvar.Var *T : fmt.Stringer func ParseAddress(address string) (*Address, error) func ParseAddressList(list string) ([]*Address, error) func (*AddressParser).Parse(address string) (*Address, error) func (*AddressParser).ParseList(list string) ([]*Address, error) func Header.AddressList(key string) ([]*Address, error)
type AddressParser (struct) An AddressParser is an RFC 5322 address parser. WordDecoder *mime.WordDecoder (*T) Parse(address string) (*Address, error) (*T) ParseList(list string) ([]*Address, error)
type Header (map) A Header represents the key-value pairs in a mail message header. (T) AddressList(key string) ([]*Address, error) (T) Date() (time.Time, error) (T) Get(key string) string
type Message (struct) A Message represents a parsed mail message. Body io.Reader Header Header func ReadMessage(r io.Reader) (msg *Message, err error)
Exported Values
func ParseAddress(address string) (*Address, error) ParseAddress parses a single RFC 5322 address, e.g. "Barry Gibbs <>"
func ParseAddressList(list string) ([]*Address, error) ParseAddressList parses the given string as a list of addresses.
func ParseDate(date string) (time.Time, error) ParseDate parses an RFC 5322 date string.
func ReadMessage(r io.Reader) (msg *Message, err error) ReadMessage reads a message from r. The headers are parsed, and the body of the message will be available for reading from msg.Body.