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Involved Source Files mapfs.go Package fstest implements support for testing implementations and users of file systems.
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A MapFile describes a single file in a [MapFS]. // file content // fs.FileInfo.ModTime // fs.FileInfo.Mode // fs.FileInfo.Sys
A MapFS is a simple in-memory file system for use in tests, represented as a map from path names (arguments to Open) to information about the files or directories they represent. The map need not include parent directories for files contained in the map; those will be synthesized if needed. But a directory can still be included by setting the [MapFile.Mode]'s [fs.ModeDir] bit; this may be necessary for detailed control over the directory's [fs.FileInfo] or to create an empty directory. File system operations read directly from the map, so that the file system can be changed by editing the map as needed. An implication is that file system operations must not run concurrently with changes to the map, which would be a race. Another implication is that opening or reading a directory requires iterating over the entire map, so a MapFS should typically be used with not more than a few hundred entries or directory reads. ( MapFS) Glob(pattern string) ([]string, error) Open opens the named file. ( MapFS) ReadDir(name string) ([]fs.DirEntry, error) ( MapFS) ReadFile(name string) ([]byte, error) ( MapFS) Stat(name string) (fs.FileInfo, error) ( MapFS) Sub(dir string) (fs.FS, error) MapFS : io/fs.FS MapFS : io/fs.GlobFS MapFS : io/fs.ReadDirFS MapFS : io/fs.ReadFileFS MapFS : io/fs.StatFS MapFS : io/fs.SubFS
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TestFS tests a file system implementation. It walks the entire tree of files in fsys, opening and checking that each file behaves correctly. It also checks that the file system contains at least the expected files. As a special case, if no expected files are listed, fsys must be empty. Otherwise, fsys must contain at least the listed files; it can also contain others. The contents of fsys must not change concurrently with TestFS. If TestFS finds any misbehaviors, it returns an error reporting all of them. The error text spans multiple lines, one per detected misbehavior. Typical usage inside a test is: if err := fstest.TestFS(myFS, "file/that/should/be/present"); err != nil { t.Fatal(err) }