package testdeps

Import Path
	testing/internal/testdeps (on and

Dependency Relation
	imports 7 packages, and imported by 0 packages

Involved Source Files
	d-> deps.go

Exported Type Names

type TestDeps (struct) TestDeps is an implementation of the testing.testDeps interface, suitable for passing to testing.MainStart. ( T) ImportPath() string ( T) MatchString(pat, str string) (result bool, err error) ( T) StartCPUProfile(w io.Writer) error ( T) StartTestLog(w io.Writer) ( T) StopCPUProfile() ( T) StopTestLog() error ( T) WriteProfileTo(name string, w io.Writer, debug int) error
Exported Values
var ImportPath string ImportPath is the import path of the testing binary, set by the generated main function.