package testdeps

Import Path
	testing/internal/testdeps (on and

Dependency Relation
	imports 7 packages, and imported by 0 packages

Involved Source Files
	d-> deps.go

Exported Type Names

type TestDeps (struct) TestDeps is an implementation of the testing.testDeps interface, suitable for passing to testing.MainStart. (T) ImportPath() string (T) MatchString(pat, str string) (result bool, err error) (T) StartCPUProfile(w io.Writer) error (T) StartTestLog(w io.Writer) (T) StopCPUProfile() (T) StopTestLog() error (T) WriteProfileTo(name string, w io.Writer, debug int) error
Exported Values
var ImportPath string ImportPath is the import path of the testing binary, set by the generated main function.