package hpack

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Exported Type Names

type Decoder (struct) A Decoder is the decoding context for incremental processing of header blocks. (*T) Close() error (*T) DecodeFull(p []byte) ([]HeaderField, error) (*T) EmitEnabled() bool (*T) SetAllowedMaxDynamicTableSize(v uint32) (*T) SetEmitEnabled(v bool) (*T) SetEmitFunc(emitFunc func(f HeaderField)) (*T) SetMaxDynamicTableSize(v uint32) (*T) SetMaxStringLength(n int) (*T) Write(p []byte) (n int, err error) *T : io.Closer *T : io.WriteCloser *T : io.Writer func NewDecoder(maxDynamicTableSize uint32, emitFunc func(f HeaderField)) *Decoder
type DecodingError (struct) A DecodingError is something the spec defines as a decoding error. Err error (T) Error() string T : error
type Encoder (struct) (*T) SetMaxDynamicTableSize(v uint32) (*T) SetMaxDynamicTableSizeLimit(v uint32) (*T) WriteField(f HeaderField) error func NewEncoder(w io.Writer) *Encoder
type HeaderField (struct) A HeaderField is a name-value pair. Both the name and value are treated as opaque sequences of octets. Name string Sensitive bool Value string (T) IsPseudo() bool (T) Size() uint32 (T) String() string T : expvar.Var T : fmt.Stringer func (*Decoder).DecodeFull(p []byte) ([]HeaderField, error) func (*Encoder).WriteField(f HeaderField) error
type InvalidIndexError int An InvalidIndexError is returned when an encoder references a table entry before the static table or after the end of the dynamic table. (T) Error() string T : error
Exported Values
func AppendHuffmanString(dst []byte, s string) []byte AppendHuffmanString appends s, as encoded in Huffman codes, to dst and returns the extended buffer.
var ErrInvalidHuffman error ErrInvalidHuffman is returned for errors found decoding Huffman-encoded strings.
var ErrStringLength error ErrStringLength is returned by Decoder.Write when the max string length (as configured by Decoder.SetMaxStringLength) would be violated.
func HuffmanDecode(w io.Writer, v []byte) (int, error) HuffmanDecode decodes the string in v and writes the expanded result to w, returning the number of bytes written to w and the Write call's return value. At most one Write call is made.
func HuffmanDecodeToString(v []byte) (string, error) HuffmanDecodeToString decodes the string in v.
func HuffmanEncodeLength(s string) uint64 HuffmanEncodeLength returns the number of bytes required to encode s in Huffman codes. The result is round up to byte boundary.
func NewDecoder(maxDynamicTableSize uint32, emitFunc func(f HeaderField)) *Decoder NewDecoder returns a new decoder with the provided maximum dynamic table size. The emitFunc will be called for each valid field parsed, in the same goroutine as calls to Write, before Write returns.
func NewEncoder(w io.Writer) *Encoder NewEncoder returns a new Encoder which performs HPACK encoding. An encoded data is written to w.