// Copyright 2021 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

// package goarch contains GOARCH-specific constants.
package goarch // The next line makes 'go generate' write the zgoarch*.go files with // per-arch information, including constants named $GOARCH for every // GOARCH. The constant is 1 on the current system, 0 otherwise; multiplying // by them is useful for defining GOARCH-specific constants. // //go:generate go run gengoarch.go type ArchFamilyType int const ( AMD64 ArchFamilyType = iota ARM ARM64 I386 LOONG64 MIPS MIPS64 PPC64 RISCV64 S390X WASM ) // PtrSize is the size of a pointer in bytes - unsafe.Sizeof(uintptr(0)) but as an ideal constant. // It is also the size of the machine's native word size (that is, 4 on 32-bit systems, 8 on 64-bit). const PtrSize = 4 << (^uintptr(0) >> 63) // ArchFamily is the architecture family (AMD64, ARM, ...) const ArchFamily ArchFamilyType = _ArchFamily // BigEndian reports whether the architecture is big-endian. const BigEndian = IsArmbe|IsArm64be|IsMips|IsMips64|IsPpc|IsPpc64|IsS390|IsS390x|IsSparc|IsSparc64 == 1 // DefaultPhysPageSize is the default physical page size. const DefaultPhysPageSize = _DefaultPhysPageSize // PCQuantum is the minimal unit for a program counter (1 on x86, 4 on most other systems). // The various PC tables record PC deltas pre-divided by PCQuantum. const PCQuantum = _PCQuantum // Int64Align is the required alignment for a 64-bit integer (4 on 32-bit systems, 8 on 64-bit). const Int64Align = PtrSize // MinFrameSize is the size of the system-reserved words at the bottom // of a frame (just above the architectural stack pointer). // It is zero on x86 and PtrSize on most non-x86 (LR-based) systems. // On PowerPC it is larger, to cover three more reserved words: // the compiler word, the link editor word, and the TOC save word. const MinFrameSize = _MinFrameSize // StackAlign is the required alignment of the SP register. // The stack must be at least word aligned, but some architectures require more. const StackAlign = _StackAlign