package ring

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	container/ring (on and

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	d-> ring.go

Exported Type Names

type Ring (struct) A Ring is an element of a circular list, or ring. Rings do not have a beginning or end; a pointer to any ring element serves as reference to the entire ring. Empty rings are represented as nil Ring pointers. The zero value for a Ring is a one-element ring with a nil Value. Value interface{} (*T) Do(f func(interface{})) (*T) Len() int (*T) Link(s *Ring) *Ring (*T) Move(n int) *Ring (*T) Next() *Ring (*T) Prev() *Ring (*T) Unlink(n int) *Ring func New(n int) *Ring func (*Ring).Link(s *Ring) *Ring func (*Ring).Move(n int) *Ring func (*Ring).Next() *Ring func (*Ring).Prev() *Ring func (*Ring).Unlink(n int) *Ring func (*Ring).Link(s *Ring) *Ring
Exported Values
func New(n int) *Ring New creates a ring of n elements.