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CounterVisitor describes a helper object used during counter file writing; when writing counter data files, clients pass a CounterVisitor to the write/emit routines. The writers will then first invoke the visitor's NumFuncs() method to find out how many function's worth of data to write, then it will invoke VisitFuncs. The expectation is that the VisitFuncs method will then invoke the callback "f" with data for each function to emit to the file. ( CounterVisitor) NumFuncs() (int, error) ( CounterVisitor) VisitFuncs(f CounterVisitorFn) error func (*CoverageDataWriter).AppendSegment(args map[string]string, visitor CounterVisitor) error func (*CoverageDataWriter).Write(metaFileHash [16]byte, args map[string]string, visitor CounterVisitor) error
CounterVisitorFn describes a callback function invoked when writing coverage counter data. func CounterVisitor.VisitFuncs(f CounterVisitorFn) error
AppendSegment appends a new segment to a counter data, with a new args section followed by a payload of counter data clauses. Write writes the contents of the count-data file to the writer previously supplied to NewCoverageDataWriter. Returns an error if something went wrong somewhere with the write. func NewCoverageDataWriter(w io.Writer, flav coverage.CounterFlavor) *CoverageDataWriter
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