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CounterVisitor describes a helper object used during counter file writing; when writing counter data files, clients pass a CounterVisitor to the write/emit routines, then the expectation is that the VisitFuncs method will then invoke the callback "f" with data for each function to emit to the file. ( CounterVisitor) VisitFuncs(f CounterVisitorFn) error func (*CoverageDataWriter).AppendSegment(args map[string]string, visitor CounterVisitor) error func (*CoverageDataWriter).Write(metaFileHash [16]byte, args map[string]string, visitor CounterVisitor) error
CounterVisitorFn describes a callback function invoked when writing coverage counter data. func CounterVisitor.VisitFuncs(f CounterVisitorFn) error
AppendSegment appends a new segment to a counter data, with a new args section followed by a payload of counter data clauses. Write writes the contents of the count-data file to the writer previously supplied to NewCoverageDataWriter. Returns an error if something went wrong somewhere with the write. func NewCoverageDataWriter(w io.Writer, flav coverage.CounterFlavor) *CoverageDataWriter
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