package encodemeta

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	internal/coverage/encodemeta (on

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AddFunc registers a new function with the meta data builder. Emit writes the meta-data accumulated so far in this builder to 'w'. Returns a hash of the meta-data payload and an error. func NewCoverageMetaDataBuilder(pkgpath string, pkgname string, modulepath string) (*CoverageMetaDataBuilder, error)
(*CoverageMetaFileWriter) Write(finalHash [16]byte, blobs [][]byte, mode coverage.CounterMode, granularity coverage.CounterGranularity) error func NewCoverageMetaFileWriter(mfname string, w io.Writer) *CoverageMetaFileWriter
Package-Level Functions (total 3)
HashFuncDesc computes an md5 sum of a coverage.FuncDesc and returns a digest for it.