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Involved Source Files Package godebug makes the settings in the $GODEBUG environment variable available to other packages. These settings are often used for compatibility tweaks, when we need to change a default behavior but want to let users opt back in to the original. For example GODEBUG=http2server=0 disables HTTP/2 support in the net/http server. In typical usage, code should declare a Setting as a global and then call Value each time the current setting value is needed: var http2server = godebug.New("http2server") func ServeConn(c net.Conn) { if http2server.Value() == "0" { disallow HTTP/2 ... } ... }
Package-Level Type Names (only one)
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A Setting is a single setting in the $GODEBUG environment variable. Name returns the name of the setting. String returns a printable form for the setting: name=value. Value returns the current value for the GODEBUG setting s. Value maintains an internal cache that is synchronized with changes to the $GODEBUG environment variable, making Value efficient to call as frequently as needed. Clients should therefore typically not attempt their own caching of Value's result. *Setting : expvar.Var *Setting : fmt.Stringer func New(name string) *Setting
Package-Level Functions (only one)
New returns a new Setting for the $GODEBUG setting with the given name.