package zstd

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Involved Source Files bits.go block.go fse.go huff.go literals.go xxhash.go Package zstd provides a decompressor for zstd streams, described in RFC 8878. It does not support dictionaries.
Package-Level Type Names (only one)
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Reader implements [io.Reader] to read a zstd compressed stream. Read implements [io.Reader]. ReadByte implements [io.ByteReader]. Reset discards the current state and starts reading a new stream from r. This permits reusing a Reader rather than allocating a new one. *Reader : compress/flate.Reader *Reader : image/jpeg.Reader *Reader : io.ByteReader *Reader : io.Reader func NewReader(input io.Reader) *Reader
Package-Level Functions (only one)
NewReader creates a new Reader that decompresses data from the given reader.