package cookiejar

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	net/http/cookiejar (on and

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	d-> jar.go

Exported Type Names

type Jar (struct) Jar implements the http.CookieJar interface from the net/http package. (*T) Cookies(u *url.URL) (cookies []*http.Cookie) (*T) SetCookies(u *url.URL, cookies []*http.Cookie) *T : net/http.CookieJar func New(o *Options) (*Jar, error)
type Options (struct) Options are the options for creating a new Jar. PublicSuffixList PublicSuffixList func New(o *Options) (*Jar, error)
type PublicSuffixList (interface) PublicSuffixList provides the public suffix of a domain. For example: - the public suffix of "" is "com", - the public suffix of "" is "", and - the public suffix of "" is "". Implementations of PublicSuffixList must be safe for concurrent use by multiple goroutines. An implementation that always returns "" is valid and may be useful for testing but it is not secure: it means that the HTTP server for can set a cookie for A public suffix list implementation is in the package (T) PublicSuffix(domain string) string (T) String() string T : expvar.Var T : fmt.Stringer
Exported Values
func New(o *Options) (*Jar, error) New returns a new cookie jar. A nil *Options is equivalent to a zero Options.