// Copyright 2022 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

package runtime

import (

// covMeta is the top-level container for bits of state related to
// code coverage meta-data in the runtime.
var covMeta struct {
	// metaList contains the list of currently registered meta-data
	// blobs for the running program.
	metaList []rtcov.CovMetaBlob

	// pkgMap records mappings from hard-coded package IDs to
	// slots in the covMetaList above.
	pkgMap map[int]int

	// Set to true if we discover a package mapping glitch.
	hardCodedListNeedsUpdating bool

// addCovMeta is invoked during package "init" functions by the
// compiler when compiling for coverage instrumentation; here 'p' is a
// meta-data blob of length 'dlen' for the package in question, 'hash'
// is a compiler-computed md5.sum for the blob, 'pkpath' is the
// package path, 'pkid' is the hard-coded ID that the compiler is
// using for the package (or -1 if the compiler doesn't think a
// hard-coded ID is needed), and 'cmode'/'cgran' are the coverage
// counter mode and granularity requested by the user. Return value is
// the ID for the package for use by the package code itself.
func addCovMeta( unsafe.Pointer,  uint32,  [16]byte,  string,  int,  uint8,  uint8) uint32 {
	 := len(covMeta.metaList)
	covMeta.metaList = append(covMeta.metaList,
			P:                  (*byte)(),
			Len:                ,
			Hash:               ,
			PkgPath:            ,
			PkgID:              ,
			CounterMode:        ,
			CounterGranularity: ,
	if  != -1 {
		if covMeta.pkgMap == nil {
			covMeta.pkgMap = make(map[int]int)
		if ,  := covMeta.pkgMap[];  {
			throw("runtime.addCovMeta: coverage package map collision")
		// Record the real slot (position on meta-list) for this
		// package; we'll use the map to fix things up later on.
		covMeta.pkgMap[] = 

	// ID zero is reserved as invalid.
	return uint32( + 1)

//go:linkname runtime_coverage_getCovMetaList runtime/coverage.getCovMetaList
func runtime_coverage_getCovMetaList() []rtcov.CovMetaBlob {
	return covMeta.metaList

//go:linkname runtime_coverage_getCovPkgMap runtime/coverage.getCovPkgMap
func runtime_coverage_getCovPkgMap() map[int]int {
	return covMeta.pkgMap