package srcimporter

Import Path
	go/internal/srcimporter (on and

Dependency Relation
	imports 14 packages, and imported by one package

Involved Source Files
	d-> srcimporter.go

Exported Type Names

type Importer (struct) An Importer provides the context for importing packages from source code. (*T) Import(path string) (*types.Package, error) (*T) ImportFrom(path, srcDir string, mode types.ImportMode) (*types.Package, error) *T : go/types.Importer *T : go/types.ImporterFrom func New(ctxt *build.Context, fset *token.FileSet, packages map[string]*types.Package) *Importer
Exported Values
func New(ctxt *build.Context, fset *token.FileSet, packages map[string]*types.Package) *Importer NewImporter returns a new Importer for the given context, file set, and map of packages. The context is used to resolve import paths to package paths, and identifying the files belonging to the package. If the context provides non-nil file system functions, they are used instead of the regular package os functions. The file set is used to track position information of package files; and imported packages are added to the packages map.