Total 201 packages, 201 of them are standard packages.
	Total 1043 source files, 996 of them are Go source files.
	- each package contains 5.19 source files,
	- each Go source file imports 2.85 packages,
	- each package depends 6.89 other packages.

	Total 1148 exported type names, 2 of them are aliases.
	In them, 970 are composite types and 178 are basic types.
	In the basic types, 142 are integers (52 are unsigneds).


	In 747 exported struct types, 103 have embedded fields,
	and 82 have promoted fields.


	On average, each exported struct type has
	* 5.59 fields (including promoteds and unexporteds),
	* 4.89 explicit fields (including unexporteds),
	* 3.93 exported fields (including promoteds),
	* 3.50 exported explicit fields.


	- for exported non-interface types with at least one exported
	  method, each of them has 4.35 exported methods.
	- each exported interface type specified 2.40 exported methods.

	Total 483 exported variables and 4653 exported constants.


	Total 1817 exported functions and 2399 exported explicit methods.
	On average, each of these functions and methods has
	1.09 parameters and 1.12 results. For 1210 (29%) of these
	functions and methods, the last result types are error.

	The average length of exported identifiers is 9.21.